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About Shipping

Thank you for choosing Fetish Engineer, We will provide you with the best products and services and hope you have a good shopping experience. The following are some explanations related to express delivery. If you still don't understand after reading, please send us an email and we will answer your questions.

★All our courier parcels are sent from China.

★The courier company we choose is China National Post Co., Ltd., according to the company's terms of service, they can ship the package to any country or region in the world.

★According to China National Post's terms of service, after undertaking the business, they will deliver the courier package to the address of the recipient within 10-15 days, and the time spent according to the distance will also be different, such as It takes about 7-10 days for China to go to Japan or South Korea, and 10-12 days for Europe. In theory, the longest time will not exceed 20 days.

★China Post has express delivery services in all countries. Therefore, after the parcel arrives in the recipient country, they will deliver the parcel to the local courier according to the actual situation, including UPS, DHL, etc., and finally they will deliver the parcel.

★All of our products are private parcels, so there are no customs duties when customs clearance. However, if there is a customs inspection, if you receive the parcel, the corresponding customs fees will be paid by you. Don't worry, the possibility of being spot checked is very low.

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