8Piece Dog Suit kit

8Piece Dog Suit kit

0.4mm Latex Dogsuit with Front Zipper and Crotch Zipper


1   Latex Dog Suit

2   Latex Dog Hood

3   Latex Glove

4   Latex 5 Stocks

5   Rubber Waist Cuffs

6   Rubber Ankle Cuffs

7   Rubber Collar

8   Silicone Dog's Tail


Note: This is a made-to-order item. Production of stock sizes takes 2 weeks.
This item is a Full Body Latex Cat Suit. It has the (Front,Back or Shoulder) Zipper and crotch zipper going down from the navel thru the crotch and back up the butt to the back waist band. This gives you full access without having to take your suit off during play. (Only the suit color can be selected)

A four pull zipper allows you to open the suit just at the cock and balls or just for butt play or for both. Made from 20 gauge natural gum latex, this suit will feel like you have a second skin on of slippery shinny rubber.

The suit comes in 7 standard sizes.