Latex Hood with Glasses and Zip Back

Latex Hood with Glasses and Zip Back

Tailored Heavy Latex Hood with Zip Back 

This very popular hood is made from heavy latex and is tailored to fit by being 'cut and glued'... not molded. The hood has open eye holes with glasses. And you can choose open mouth or not.

Custom-made and need to provide head circumference.

Not all sizes/options are always in stock. Please allow up to 5days for your item to be made by our in-house production team. 

  • informations

    • Latex product: Rinse sweat and other stains in the surface with water after each used, then wipe with a rag and apply latex maintenance oil for maintenance, at last put product in a cool and ventilated place.

      Leather products: After each use, wipe sweat and other stains in the surface with a damp cloth after each used, apply leather maintenance oil for maintenance, and finally put the product in a cool, ventilated place.

    • About Shipping

      All our courier parcels are sent from China.The courier company we choose is China National Post Co., Ltd. so we can ship the package to any country or region in the world. Shipping time spent according to the distance will be different, under most circumstances our products will ship to destinations in 10-15 days.
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    • Product customization

      Most of our products are customized products,  Please select or provide your real size, do not enlarge or reduce the size by yourself, otherwise it will result in unfit.(Except for the Universal size product). Depending on the complexity of the product, we usually need 5-20 days of production time, such as latex catsuit time of 7-10 days, rubber harness making time of 3-5 days, more complex combination products need 20 Around the day. Of course, if your order in stock, then we will issue it within 2 days.

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