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    You can write the products you want to buy in the email, and we will send the PayPal bill to your email address later. In order to avoid you not being able to receive our emails, please add our email address to your email whitelist, thank you.

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Welcome to Fetish Engineer!

Thank you very much for coming to our store. We hope that you and your friends can find your favorite products in our store.

We are a manufacturer and manufacturer of adult products from China. Because the love of fetish games, we have established the Fetish Engineer store since 2013, and provide products and services to Chinese consumer for four years. 

At the end of 2017, due to the needs of customers in other countries, we tried to open overseas websites to sell our products. In the whole year of 2018, we provided a large number of products to customers in various countries and gained their praise. To date, we have completed hundreds of overseas orders and sent thousands of products to the customers of The World. In the future, we will provide better products and services to customers around the world.

Thank you again for your presence and wish you a happy stay.

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