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New Release 10% OFF Week

2022.11.01~2022.11.15 New Products


This is the neoprene series harness of the Freedom series, which provides up to 7 main colors and 9 secondary colors, and will continue to add new colors in the future.

In addition, we will continue to add new accessories in the follow-up design, including accessories for the legs and waist. If you have your own ideas, you can also let us know by email, and we will provide you with personalized designs.

You can view more straps at this button.


This is a breath control kit that combines a backpack and harness, including a set of harnesses, two breathing bottles and two breathing tubes~

If your gas mask has only one breathing hole, check out this accessory →


Ferubber's latest design Pup mask, made of high quality rubber (non-latex) with 2mm thickness, can add more fun to your pup's life. The mask also comes with a Lycra mask for a convenient and comfortable fit.

You can view more pup's mask at this button.


It's a simple design rubber harness, nothing special, but it's cheap~~XD .  We will update more belt designs, there are simple and complex ones, and we hope to surprise you.

You can view more Harness at this button.


We recently upgraded this lens for UK S10 gas mask and China FMJ08 gas mask, the lens is more beautiful and the installation is more convenient, if you need it, why not consider buying a pair? They are cheap. XD


You can view more gas mask at this button.


This is also the latest design of the freedom series of collars, hand cuffs and ankle cuffs. They also have as many as 70 color combinations, and more colors will be added in the future.

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